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Centinello Insurance Agency LLC is an insurance company based in Buffalo, NY. We're privately owned by Frank Centinello Jr., and our doors have been open since 1955.

We work hard to give all our policyholders incredibly low rates for home, auto, life and commercial insurance policies. We have a great relationship with numerous insurance carriers to give you the best bottom-line deal for the most extensive coverage.

As our founder always says, "To be sure, insure." Get the protection and peace of mind you need with help from Centinello Insurance Agency LLC. Call 716-893-4332 today to schedule a consultation with an insurance agency in Buffalo, NY.


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4 reasons to choose Centinello Insurance Agency LLC

You need an insurance company you can turn to for bonds, dealer plate insurance, homeowners insurance and any other general liability insurance you may need in Buffalo, NY. Choose us because:

1. We offer free quotes, low down payments and other discounts.

2. We build personalized long-term relationships with our clients.

3. We do our research to provide the best deal for the most coverage.

4. We're experts in auto, life, commercial, home and renters insurance.

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