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Centinello Insurance Agency LLC offers surety bonds to guarantee a principle's integrity, honesty, performance and financial responsibility. Surety bonds are also meant to aid compliance with the law or a written contract.

If you need surety bond insurance in Buffalo, NY, get in touch with us today. We'll sit down with you to discuss your needs and find a bond that hits all the marks. Call 716-893-4332 today for more details.

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3 benefits of surety bonds

There are many types of surety bonds for clients and contractors. Here are ways you could benefit from a surety bond:

  1. They are customizable to fit your needs.
  2. They hold people or organizations accountable.
  3. They can protect you from financial responsibility.

Learn more about surety bonds in Buffalo, NY today by calling Centinello Insurance Agency LLC at 716-893-4332.